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The 8mm scanner and it's software.

Small Gauge Film Scanner

This device is similar to the larger archival scanner. Please read about the larger scanner for information on how it works and its background.


Why not one scanner?


8mm and Super 8mm are very different from 35mm. Most film scanning devices are built and tested for 35mm and the other formats fall where they may. While 16mm and 35mm can be accommodated for, 8mm just has different ballistics than the others. 3000ft of 35mm to 50ft of 8mm is very different on the servo and film handling of a machine. While it works on many, it is at the extreme of what the machine is designed to handle. From the success of the larger scanner we set out to build the same thing but on an 8mm scale. While the software is the same, all the servos and optical paths were designed strictly for 8mm. This scanner can be run as liquid gate or dry.