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Four types of scanning available in-house.

Film Scanning

Spirit 4K Data

4K Spirit Data Model. Transfer resolutions up to 4096 x 3112 full 16bit R,G,B sampling. DPX files are recorded through the Spirit Bones Workstation. Keycode embedding in DPX headers. Scream grain management. DaVinci Resolve Suite availible for color correction.

Our Scanning Equipment

Telecine & Data Scanning


VFS has three Spirit scanning suites. Two for HD video and one for 4K, UHD, & 2K data. All three are equipped with 35mm & 16mm gates.

All HD transfers are done on a Spirit 2K HD Models with a DaVinci 2K + and DVNR 2K

All 4K, UHD, 2K scans are done on a Spirit 4K Data Model. Keycode embedding optional.

A DaVinci Resolve workstation is also available for full color correction.


PRICES: Flat/Log or Best Light









             Wet Gate Option available for all resolutions

             Keycode reading and embedding to DPX File headers $25 setup charge + $10 per camera roll

             Sound Pickup additional $4/min for Data Scans (2K/UHD/4K) it is included with HD or SD

             HD or 2K Scene to Scene Color Correction $475/hr 1:1 runtime ratio if scanned by VFS.

Prices include transfer of data to a customer supplied  hard drive

UHD & HD choose framing of pillarbox or 16:9 extraction of 1.33:1 Material.

HD price is for any codec.

4K & 2K Data Scan price is for DPX files or ProRes4444.

Additional derivative file creation is an additional $185/hr. Timecode linked for easy conforming.

3K Archival/Restoration Liquid Gate

3K liquid gate zero sprocket capstan drive scanner. Supports multiple film formats (35mm, 28mm, 17.5mm,16mm, 9.5mm). 10bit RGB DPX file output. We scan the entire film edge-to-edge including sprockets and rails. RGB LED Light Engine. Please contact for prices.

Spirit 2K Video


Spirit 2K video model. HD or SD SDI output. Suite includes DVNR2K for dirt/dust/grain/noise removal and DaVinci 2K+ for color correction

Small Gauge 2K Archival Liquid Gate

2K liquid gate (optional) zero sprocket capstan drive scanner. Supports 8mm & Super 8mm. 10bit RGB DPX file output. We scan the entire film edge-to-edge including sprockets and rails. Please contact for prices.


This allows for recovery of variable density or variable area soundtracks from scans of composite negatives or composite positive prints. Sound can be recovered from any scanned film image with sufficient resolution and overscan. Click here to read more about ScanPERFect.


See Also

Scanning FAQ

Spirit Wet Gate now an available option in 4K, UHD, 2K, & HD call or email for pricing


35mm 4Perf

35mm 3Perf









Minimum $95

2K Full Aperture


$0.17/ft (2048x1556)

$0.21/ft (2048x1234)

$0.40/ft (2048x1536)

$0.36/ft (2048x1234)

Minimum $125

4K Full Aperture


$1.00/ft (4096x3112)

$1.05/ft (4096x2342)

$1.50/ft (4096x3112)

$1.35/ft (4096x2342)

Minimum $300








Minimum $250

Running Time to Length Conversion

35mm @ 24fps = 90 feet per minute

16mm @ 24fps = 36 feet per minute


Resolutions up to DCI 4K and UHD. Sprocketless with adjustable tension.

Formats include 35mm,28mm,17.5mm,9.5mm,8mm,Super 8mm.


Kinetta Archival Film Scanner

5K realtime scanning on this custom built machine. It uses a Rank MarkIII  transport system.  All optics are rated well past the sensing resolution of 5K. The image sensor is the only 5K 30fps sensor availible and is used by other scanner manufacturers in the idustry. Image processing was created using todays fastets GPUs for realtime correction at 5K resolutions.

Formats include 35mm & 16mm.

5K Realtime Scanner