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Film Processing


Color & B&W, positive & negative, 16mm & 35mm motion picture processing. See more detailed descriptions of our processing below.



Our Processing Equipment

Demand drive ECN-2 color negative processor. Push/Pull or bleach skip options

Cross Process color reversal.

16mm Color Negative


All film processing is done on site.

16/35mm Color Positive

Demand drive ECP-2D color positive processor. Sound application for 16mm and 35mm. Bleach skip available.

35mm Color Negative


Demand drive ECN-2 color negative processor. Push/Pull or bleach skip options.

Cross Process color reversal.

16/35mm Positive/Negative B&W

Demand drive D96 B&W Negative, D97 B&W Positive. Cross process B&W reversal yielding negative image. Push or pull options.



                               Color                         B&W  

 35mm             $0.14 per foot            $0.16 per foot

 16mm             $0.12 per foot            $0.14 per foot

Push or Pull no charge. Bleach skip $35 setup fee.

Leader and Cleaning    $.06 per foot

Quality Control

Test and control strips are run regularly to ensure our process conforms to standards Most processing baths are mixed here and chemicals are measured to the gram

Processing Form


Please fill out our processing form (linked below) with your contact information and project specifications. Print and send or drop off the form with your film.