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Video & Film Solutions can offer custom equipment, hardware and software solutions for digital imaging and motion picture film.


Software : C++, assembly, C#, OpenGL, GPU programming, realtime SDI output and file based programming services.


Hardware: Many types of microcontroller, servo control, timing devices, LED and other hardware.


In house CNC machining for custom parts. 3D printer inbound.

Custom Solutions

The Lab

Digital Film Shrinkage Meter


A device that measures how film shrinks as it ages. [Read More]

3K Archival Film Scanner


A sprocket-less, edge-to-edge scanner captures more than just the film's picture. [Read More]

Motion Picture Film Analyzer


This system determines what a printed image will look like. [Read More]

2D Barcode Paper Tape Replacement


Using modern barcodes for printer timing.  [Read More]

Audio Recovery Software


Extracting and restoring sound on damaged film. [Read More]

HD Telecine Upgrade for Older TKs


Adapting old machinery to an updated process. [Read More]

2K Digital Film Recorder


Any files or video to film with this digital recorder. [Read More]

Small Gauge Film Scanner


A sprocket-less scanner designed explicitly for 8mm & Super 8mm film.

[Read More]

Recent Equipment & Software Projects

Interesting Client Solutions

As equipment and formats age, technology progresses. At Video & Film Solutions, our equipment for film and video are of many different eras. We have to maintain these items and when older types of electronics or mechanics fail we try to replace them with what is the best solution using today's technology. Here are some projects performed in house and for outside clients as well as interesting items from our film & video lab.

Lab Products & Tests

 Unique items & tests from our equipment and services

Jack White's Third Man Records

Adding content to a scopitone

[Read More]

3K Scans of 17.5mm Movette

No ordinary 17.5mm

[Coming Soon]

Filmout For Other Usage...


Business cards, banners & more. [Read More]

Film Silver


Using recovered film silver to make things [Read More]

B&W Outdoors

5222 vs 5234

Using intermediate lab stock for camera film [Read More]

Sound Track Developer Applicator on Color Pos Processor