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Background: Film as a distribution format has been dropping off for years. While we feel it is a much better screening format, many theaters have gone digital. Most shows that are originated on film are scanned then editing, effects and sound are all digital. Films are recorded from this data.

2K 16mm & 35mm Film Recorder

Problem:  Most machines only go to 35mm. The process to do the digital intermediate is very expensive.

Solution:  An in house developed film recorder. A 2K LED LCD is used. Using a customized optical path, both 16mm & 35mm can be recorded at full 2K (2048x1556). The film is recorded at 4 fps.  Timing and synchronization are done in the recorders software interface and distributed to graphics generation and servo movements. Full GPU processing of the image is applied in real time and includes, scaling, positions, color correction, LUT application, edge contours and many others. 16mm & 35mm B&W & Color stocks can be used. Development and operations of this unit is only possible because of our film lab. Having an on site lab, where we can run a test and see the results so quickly, allows for fast turnaround and high quality images. We do not make direct positives, only negatives. Prints are made on our 16mm or 35mm contact printers, and analog optical track negatives for composite sound prints can be made.