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Authoring, Encoding & Mastering

Pictured above: A DCP hard drive.

Digital media can be output to a wide variety of formats.

Closed Captioning &


Closed captions and subtitles can be created for your video. Quicktime caption tracks, 708/608 broadcast captions to all tape formats, embedded WMV captions, DVD, Blu-ray, YouTube, and many more.



Blu-ray, DVD, Video CD, Flash authoring services. This can include menus or other interactive functions to expand the possibilities of your video.


We can also create a Digital Cinema Package for display in digital cinema theaters. DCPs can be created from any tape or file format.

Additional Services 

Standards Conversion

Convert anything to anything. Updown, cross, standards and resolution scaling can be applied in realtime using our Teranex vc100 and Teranex 2d processor. For SD content originated on film we can apply pulldown removal to give a motion artifact free HD progressive video.

Image Restoration &

Color Correction

DaVinci 2K+ Color Corrector and also a DaVinci resolve color correction suite. Color correction can be done supervised or unsupervised. Image restoration services includes dirt, dust, and noise removal, sharpening and many others.




Digital files and tapes can be encoded into most all available formats. Encode files to have the best quality for the target distribution. Transcoding and compression for various purposes. HD quality iPad, iPhone, Android, and YouTube. Create access files for digital libraries.



Tape Mastering for broadcast delivery or archive to a wide variety of formats, including HDCAMSR, HDCam, Digital Betacam and more.