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Background: Older telecine from the 80s and 90s have become outdated.The imaging front ends and analog SD processing are obsolete. However, the mechanics of transporting the film work very well. With GPU hardware processing becoming incredibly fast the racks of video boards can now be replaced with a single PC.


HD Telecine Upgrade For Older TKs

Upgraded hardware and software.

Problem: The imaging, in this case a MkIII telecine, is outdated. The machine runs well but the picture quality and resolution are no longer marketable.


Solution: Using just the transport of the telecine a complete imaging package was developed and integrated in the machine. An LED light source with CCD sensor the machine is now capable of 2K resolutions. The machine is capable of outputting realtime HD-SDI at 0-30fps. Scaling, primary color correction, secondary color correction, contour enhancement and shading can be performed on 2K data in real time on a single high power graphics card. A complete software package was developed to control the machine. A control board is used as an user interface. The software has event lists capable of making marks, storing parameters, dissolving marks and still store. Allows for use of original cintel / rts gates without any machining, just removing glasses